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Perfectly Pressed: Top 5 Flowers & Leaves for Beginners

Get ready to press! If you're a beginner, these 5 flowers and leaves are ideal for your first foray into flower pressing.

Fresh flowers being placed into a flower press in a garden setting
Flower Pressing: A relaxing slow craft

The world of pressed flowers is full of vibrant colours, amazing textures, and endless creative possibilities. But if you're new to this delightful craft, choosing the right specimens can feel overwhelming. Fear not, budding flower presser! This guide highlights 5 easy-to-find flowers and leaves that are perfect for beginners:

A bright orange pansy flower
Pansies come in vibrant colours

1. Pansies: These cheerful blooms are a classic choice for a reason. Their flat, single layer of petals dries beautifully, retaining their stunning range of colours. Plus, pansies are readily available throughout spring and even into winter, making them a great and prolific year-round option.

A white and pink Astrantia flower
Astrantia's papery petals are perfect to press

2. Astrantia:  Nicknamed "starburst" for its star-shaped clusters of tiny flowers, Astrantia adds a touch of whimsy to any pressed collection. The soft, papery texture of the blooms dries well, and the muted tones often range from pink and white to deep burgundy.

Herb Robert flowers and leaves
Wildflowers are charming

3. Herb Robert: Don't overlook the beauty of common wildflowers and those which may be considered as weeds! Herb Robert, with its delicate, five-petaled pink flowers and unusual lobed green leaves, presses surprisingly well. The intricate details of the leaves are a delightful addition to any pressed flower project.

Grass flower in a meadow
Grass Flowers

4. Grasses:  Grasses add a touch of texture and movement to a pressed flower design. Choose varieties like ornamental fountain grass or feathery oat grass for their interesting shapes. Experiment with different stages of growth, as both young green blades and mature seed heads can add visual interest.

Bright yellow buttercup flower
Cheery Buttercups

5. Buttercups: These bright yellow blooms might seem simple, but they press beautifully, retaining their vibrant color and cheerful charm. Look for varieties with single flowers for the best results.

Bonus Tip: While these are great choices to get you started, feel free to explore! Experiment with different flowers and leaves from your garden. Remember, the beauty of pressing is the unique collection you create.

A colourful display of pressed flowers
Create your own pressed flower collection

Ready to Press?

Once you've gathered your floral treasures, the pressing process is simple. All you need are some absorbent materials (blotting paper or paper towels), a heavy weight (books work well), and a little patience.

With these easy-to-press flowers and leaves, you'll be well on your way to creating stunning pressed flower art in no time! So grab a basket, head outdoors, and get ready to discover the beauty of the world, one pressed bloom at a time.

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