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Colourful Pressed flowers artfully arranged
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Hi, I’m Barbs, a pressed flower artist and owner of Humming B Floral Art, based in Kent, the garden of England. I create original pressed flower artworks, captured as printed pressed flower Giclee prints and cards. 

As a child I spent summer days absent mindedly picking daisies from my parents lawn, dissecting them to see all the little elements that make up such a pretty little flower.


That desire to see every detail has been a life long story, from learning the building blocks of all things while studying for a Chemistry degree, via serious attention to detail during my 20+ years in the Pharma industry and now to the wonderful world of artistic creation.


As you might expect, my inspiration comes from nature but it's all those little details that really make my heart sing. The unique and beautiful curl of a sweet pea tendril, the tiniest stamen loaded with bright yellow pollen, an almost imperceptible individual Ammi flower....they all have their place in nature and each has its own unique beauty.


My designs are created using flowers I grow in the garden of England, Kent. Using the age old language of flowers, I weave meaning into each artwork, creating naturally thoughtful designs which go beyond just a pretty floral picture.

Barbara Gillmore Floral Artist
Pressed flower Giclee print of a unique floral heart design
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